Northeastern CRI expands its capabilities with three new hires

Apr 14, 2023 | CRI

Elmira Zenger, Veronique Corrdin, & Shivani Aryasomayajula

Northeastern’s Center for Research Innovation (CRI) proud to announce the addition of three team members: Elmira Zenger as Contracts Manager, Veronique Corrdin as Associate Director of Finance & Operations, and Shivani Aryasomayajula as Contracts Specialist.

Elmira Zenger, Contracts Manager

Elmira Zenger joins the CRI as Contracts Manager. She will play a key role in the success of the technology transfer process at Northeastern University by working closely with the commercialization and IP teams. In this role, she will draft and negotiate a broad suite of agreements for the development and acceleration of the University’s intellectual property portfolio and ventures; represent the University’s position on matters related to intellectual property and agreement terms; provide guidance to University stakeholders, the CRI staff and the University ecosystem regarding compliance issues related to the CRI; and propose and execute creative solutions through contract and compliance frameworks.

Zenger is a skillful intellectual property lawyer licensed in Massachusetts, with experience in contracts, content operations, compliance and project management. Prior to joining Northeastern, she served as project manager at the WGBH Educational Foundation. She’s previously held positions at Anaqua, Inc.; Choate, Hall & Stewart, LLP; and Nixon Peabody, LLP. She obtained her Master of Laws in Global Law and Technology from the Suffolk University School of Law, her Master of Laws in European Intellectual Property Law from Stockholm University School of Law, and her Bachelor of Laws from Marmara University School of Law.

“With the advancement of AI, machine learning, augmented reality, and other advanced technologies in life sciences, engineering, and medicine, CRI’s role as the catalyzer of innovation will become even more critical in the coming years,” says Zenger. “AI-enabled technologies are the next iteration in this ongoing revolution and open an uncharted area. I am looking forward to being part of this transformation.”

Veronique Corrdin, Associate Director, Finance & Operations

Veronique Corrdin joins the CRI as Associate Director of Finance and Operations. She will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the CRI, including fiscal responsibilities, agreement compliance, operation-related policies and procedures, and human resource management. This role provides the critical operating foundation for the successful fulfillment of the CRI mission and strategic initiatives and will continue the growth, improvement, and financial health of the CRI’s operations.

Corrdin is a research and finance professional who most recently served as a Senior Consulting Associate of Research Education Solutions. Previously, Corrdin held various roles in research and finance at Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard Kennedy School, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Boston Medical Center. She received her MBA from the Simmons School of Management and her BA in communications from San Diego State University.

“I am excited to partner with the team to continue to sustainably grow CRI,” says Corrdin. “I will work to promote the CRI growth internally and externally, and I am enthusiastic about finding opportunities to encourage and amplify different perspectives and backgrounds.”

Shivani Aryasomayajula, Contracts Specialist

Shivani is a Northeastern alum and joins the CRI as a Contracts Specialist. In this role, she will work closely with Zenger to negotiate, draft, and execute CRI’s agreements to develop and accelerate Northeastern University’s IP assets. She will also work to optimize and streamline operations at CRI to better connect internal and external stakeholders, and to ensure the effective execution of contracts and compliance functions supporting CRI’s mission.

“Universities are the pioneer in driving innovation,” says Aryasomayajula. “Our tech transfer office connects that innovation with the right industry. I am excited to be here and contribute to CRI’s growth.”

Prior to this role, Shivani worked as Project Consultant focusing on the CRI’s IP portfolio, managing of the patent and copyright docket, reporting of subject inventions, reviewing compliance with U.S. government sponsor regulations and other cross-functional operations. Before joining the Northeastern community, Shivani practiced as an attorney with experience in IP litigation and dispute resolution, including trademark and copyright prosecutions, and civil law. Shivani earned her Master of Science in project management from Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies and her Bachelor of Laws from Amity Law School, India.

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