Technology Licensing Expert Myron Kassaraba Joins the CRI as Director of Commercialization

Aug 15, 2022 | CRI

Northeastern’s CRI is continuously working to cultivate a strong team of experienced individuals who are passionate about supporting innovation and executing technology transfer. As part of this work, we are pleased to announce that Myron Kassaraba will be joining the CRI as Director of Commercialization.

Myron is an experienced entrepreneur, business development and strategic transactions advisor. He has extensive experience in the translation of technologies into commercial use. He most recently served as a Technology Licensing Officer at MIT’s TLO. Previously, he held leadership positions at transaction advisory firms Pluritas and MJK Partners, and led licensing at Mitsubishi Electric’s Research Labs (MERL), Kodak, and a number of Boston area startups. He will bring a unique combination of skills to help grow Northeastern’s efforts to move technologies from the lab to market.

“I’m thrilled to be joining Northeastern at this exciting time,” says Myron. “I am looking forward to helping build out the ability to get inventions and technologies into the market through both spin outs and licensing.”

As a graduate of Northeastern, as well as a previous member of IDEA, a McCarthy’s Venture Mentoring Network (VMN) mentor, and a Steering Committee member representing CSSH, Myron is dedicated to the University’s progress in innovation. “It has been remarkable to see the transformation of Northeastern from a co-op and commuter school to an entrepreneurship and research powerhouse,” he said. “I look forward to once again being a part of it.”

As a member of the CRI, Myron will be leading the Commercialization team and working to find ways to grow the impact of Northeastern-born technologies through their licensing and commercial use by both spinouts as well as industry partners. “CRI is thrilled to have Myron join the team! His experience and skillset will be key to implementing a scalable tech transfer enterprise model to meet the research community’s needs of the future and maximize societal impact through the commercialization of Northeastern innovation,” says CRI’s Executive Director, Jennifer Boyle-Lynch.

“I have always been attracted to startup and growth opportunities so I am excited to be joining a talented team at CRI during a time when we can design and build a durable and responsive technology commercialization capability to support all the exciting invention happening in the Northeastern network,” says Myron.

“I already see significant opportunities to amplify both current research as well as the technologies in the existing portfolio to get them in front of companies that could find them useful.”

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