Revolutionizing Energy: Dr. Sanjeev Mukherjee on Transforming Energy Efficiency

Jan 31, 2024 | Videos

Discover the transformative journey of Professor Sanjeev Mukherjee, a distinguished researcher at Northeastern University, as he discusses his pioneering work in catalysis and electrochemistry. Raised in an intellectually vibrant environment, Mukherjee recognized the urgency of addressing climate change in the 80s and chose electrochemistry to mitigate environmental challenges. 

Emphasizing the role of Northeastern’s collaborative environment, the video showcases how Mukherjee, and his students thrive in a setting where industry partnerships and hands-on experiences are facilitated through co-op programs. The university’s proximity to industry has played a pivotal role in providing students with real-world exposure and opportunities to make a meaningful impact. 

The video concludes with insights into professor’s ongoing research, made possible by collaborations with Northeastern’s Center for Research Innovation (CRI). With a commitment to advancing technology, Mukherjee highlights the institute’s support in patent filings and industry interest, underlining how CRI has been instrumental in translating cutting-edge research into tangible solutions for a sustainable future. 

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