CRI Welcomes Two New Hires

Feb 1, 2024 | CRI

It’s a pleasure to welcome James Ssemata, who recently joined the team at CRI as Finance & Operations Associate, and Monika Kasprzak, who is CRI’s new Patent Administrative Manager. 

Monika KasprzakBefore joining CRI, Monika worked for eight years as a seasoned paralegal specializing in intellectual property.   

“My professional journey has been shaped by a passion for the intricacies of intellectual property law and excellent mentorship, and my expertise lies in navigating the complexities of this field. Coming from a Polish-American background, I bring a diverse perspective to my work, valuing a rich cultural heritage,” she noted.   

In her new role at CRI, Monika is most looking forward to the opportunity to apply her skills in a new and challenging environment, and she’s eager to contribute her expertise in an academic setting.   

Outside of her career, Monika is raising three children with her partner, a feat she says “underscores my ability to balance personal and professional responsibilities effectively.”  

James SsemataPrior to joining CRI, James worked for a pharmaceutical and medical device company.  

“It was a beautiful thing to always work at not only the desk, but go out to get feedback especially about the medical devices and how they were changing the healthcare system. I desired a role where I would be part of a team of innovators and CRI provided a best fit for desire to even understand finance in tech transfer,” he said of his journey that led him to this role at Northeastern.  

James hold’s a B.A. business administration with a major in finance and accounts. In his new role at CRI, he’s looking forward most to developing skills in budgeting, data, and technology transfer and understanding their importance on a global scale.  

Outside of work, he enjoys playing chess in his free time.  

Please join us in welcoming James and Monika to the CRI team 

Written by Joanna Smiley