A Beacon of Innovation on the NAI 2023 Top 100 Global Universities List

Feb 16, 2024 | CRI

top100 2023Northeastern University has once more positioned itself at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship, securing a spot on the National Academy of Inventors (NAI) 2023 Top 100 Worldwide Universities List. This esteemed recognition, earmarked for universities that have been granted utility patents, affirms Northeastern’s commitment to leading-edge research and its vibrant entrepreneurial culture.

By maintaining its position on this distinguished list, Northeastern affirms its role as a vanguard among academic institutions. This accolade reflects the university’s commitment to a unique and rigorous academic experience, enriched by its acclaimed experiential learning program. Such recognition further solidifies Northeastern’s esteemed reputation for promoting academic excellence and innovation.

Central to Northeastern’s ethos for fostering its research community is the Center for Research Innovation (CRI). The CRI plays a crucial role in offering holistic support to researchers at Northeastern, guiding their journey from conceptualization to the commercialization of innovative solutions. This ecosystem of support exemplifies the university’s dedication to converting groundbreaking ideas into practical applications.

“For nearly a decade, Northeastern has been counted among the Top 100 universities across the globe. This recognition exemplifies the prolific ingenuity of Northeastern researchers and the acumen, and diligence, of our Intellectual Property and Commercialization teams. I am proud of this achievement and the real-world impact it represents,” states Jennifer Boyle-Lynch, CRI Executive Director. 

The recognition of Northeastern University by the NAI as one of the Top 100 Worldwide Universities in 2023 stands as a testament to its relentless pursuit of excellence in innovation and entrepreneurship. This prestigious accolade celebrates the university’s role as a leader in pushing the boundaries of knowledge and practical achievement. It not only highlights Northeastern’s commitment to fostering a culture of innovation but also showcases its significant contributions to the global research and innovation landscape. As the university proudly embraces this acknowledgment, it reaffirms its dedication to achieving greater heights in innovation and entrepreneurship, continuing to influence the future with groundbreaking discoveries.

Written by Yash Wadhwa