The Transformative Role of the Commercialization Specialist Program for PhD Students

Jun 27, 2023 | CRI, Recognition

Fausto CapellutoAt the Center for Research Innovation (CRI) of Northeastern University, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of our esteemed Commercialization Specialist, Fausto Capelluto, who has made an indelible mark during his tenure.

Fausto Capelluto, an accomplished Biology PhD candidate in the Lab of Aging and Infertility Research, has seamlessly merged his academic pursuits with his passion for commercializing cutting-edge technologies emerging from Northeastern University. By embracing the role of a Commercialization Specialist, Fausto has transformed these technologies into tangible manifestations, exemplifying the potential that this unique position holds for PhD students.

As a Commercialization Specialist, Fausto has acquired an invaluable skill set and gained profound insights into the intersection of academia and industry professionals. In Fausto’s own words, “Being a Commercialization Specialist has been an invaluable experience. I’ve learned a lot by getting an insider look at how academics interact with industry professionals and understanding how the process works. From attending meetings about inventor technology to engaging with various investors and professors at the university, it’s been an incredible opportunity for communication, networking, and synthesizing science.”

This immersion in the commercialization domain has deepened Fausto’s comprehension of the inherent potential of innovative technologies and their broad-ranging applications, enhancing his market acumen.

The Commercialization Specialist position offers more than just specialized skills; it serves as a gateway to uncharted career vistas. Through programs such as the Spark Fund and the spinout program offered by the CRI, PhD scholars gain unparalleled access to resources that nurture their entrepreneurial spirit. This role cultivates a panoramic mindset, enabling scholars to discover the potential applications of their research beyond its initial purview. With a multidimensional perspective, PhD scholars are empowered to embark on scientific entrepreneurship, leveraging the resources made available by the university to foster experiential learning.

Looking ahead, Fausto envisions a continued trajectory of personal and professional growth, leveraging his knowledge and experiences at the CRI to assume an entrepreneurial role within the realm of biology. His aspiration to establish the groundbreaking biotech startup, Calafate, reflects the transformative potential of the Commercialization Specialist program in cultivating a spirit of research and entrepreneurship.

We extend our gratitude to Fausto Capelluto for his extraordinary contributions as a Commercialization Specialist at the CRI. As he embarks on the next chapter of his career, we wish him continued success in his entrepreneurial pursuits. Fausto’s legacy serves as a constant source of inspiration, underscoring the immeasurable value of the Commercialization Specialist program in bridging the gap between academic research and tangible real-world applications.

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Written by Yash Wadhwa