Introducing the Center for Research Innovation Improved Website!

Jun 1, 2023 | CRI, Innovation

CRI website

The Center for Research Innovation (CRI) at Northeastern University is pleased to unveil its newly revamped website. Our intuitive website optimizes user experience by streamlining access to our comprehensive suite of resources supporting innovators, entrepreneurs, and industry. With our agile and responsive team at the helm, CRI is committed to translating university innovations into tangible solutions through licenses, spinouts, and collaborations. By fostering an ongoing dialogue with industry, we enable Northeastern’s progressive research, striking a harmonious balance between exploration and implementation.

Aligned more closely with Northeastern’s overarching mission and vision, the CRI website, bolsters the drive and endeavors of our esteemed faculty’s boldest ideas into societal impact. By eliminating unnecessary complexities, we empower users to focus solely on embarking upon their innovative journey. Effortlessly access the resources indispensable to your personal commercialization process, while we, in turn, unveil an array of upcoming programs and tools crafted specifically for faculty, spinouts and industry partners. We place paramount importance on user experience, and our new initiatives aim to amplify the triumphant outcomes of Northeastern’s innovative and entrepreneurial aspirations.

Our website continues to be a pillar of support, which is why CRI is presenting exciting new features. The Ventures’ List, a compilation of successful Spinouts initiated by Northeastern’s esteemed faculty, will showcase remarkable contributions, providing a platform for peers and investors alike to connect and collaborate. The “Researcher Spotlight” series will celebrate the remarkable achievements of Northeastern’s extraordinary researchers. The CRI website is not a static entity but a dynamic hub that will continually evolve – so be sure to bookmark our page! We understand that innovation is a fluid process, and our commitment to success goes beyond the launch of this new platform. Check it out by visiting Northeastern University Center for Research Innovation website and unlock the gateway to your innovative future.

Written by Yash Wadhwa