Northeastern Chapter Unveils Distinguished Innovation and Advisory Boards

Jun 13, 2023 | CRI

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The National Academy of Inventors (NAI) – Northeastern Chapter is delighted to unveil the composition of its Innovation Board and Advisory Board, comprising a coterie of distinguished individuals who are at the vanguard of their respective fields and share a fervent passion for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

The NAI Northeastern Chapter endeavors to recognize and inspire members of the academic and industrial communities by empowering inventorship and entrepreneurship across the innovation ecosystem. Furthermore, the chapter conducts policy advocacy for innovation, entrepreneurship, and commercialization to augment economic opportunity and growth.

The Executive Committee of the NAI Northeastern Chapter is comprised of Jennifer Boyle-Lynch, the Executive Director of CRI, and Vince Harris, the University Distinguished Professor and William Lincoln Smith Chair Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and affiliated faculty of Chemical Engineering.

The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board plays a pivotal role in providing guidance and support to the NAI Northeastern Chapter. Serving as zealous advocates, the Board ardently champion the chapter’s resolute mission and objectives, promoting its transformative initiatives within the academic fraternity and across broader spheres. Moreover, their unwavering dedication extends to cultivating synergistic partnerships that foster the chapter’s continuous growth and enduring viability.


David Luzzi, the Senior Vice Provost for Research and Vice President of the Innovation Campus

Kenneth Blank, the Vice Provost for Research and Senior Advisor

Leonard Polizzotto, the Executive in Residence at D’Amore-McKim Business School

Deirdre Sanders, Principal at the Intellectual Property Law Firm, Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds.


“I am pleased and honored to join the Advisory Board of Northeastern University’s Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors.  Northeastern has shown an unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and fueling the spirit of creativity among its students, faculty, and the innovator community at large. The University’s support and dedication to cultivating an environment that nurtures groundbreaking ideas makes it a perfect fit for the National Academy of Inventors.” says Deirdre Sanders.


The Innovation Board

The Innovation Board holds pivotal responsibilities in cultivating ingenuity, expansion, and progress. The Board diligently advocates for constituent bodies, zealously encouraging NAI Northeastern Chapter participation. Furthermore, they develop seminar and workshop themes, curating fitting content and assembling esteemed participants that harmonize with the chapter’s overarching vision. In addition, the board astutely identifies prospective candidates worthy of esteemed Senior Member and Fellow distinctions within the NAI. Through their multifaceted goals, the Innovation Board propels innovation and the organization towards resounding triumph.


Mansoor Amiji, University Distinguished Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences & Chemical Engineering

Parisa Andalib, Research Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Randy Erb, Associate Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Sanjeev Mukerjee, Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Swastik Kar, Associate Professor of Physics, College of Science

Cordula Robinson, Associate Teaching Professor of KRI

Yunume Fitchorova, Affiliated Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering & Senior Research Scientist of Kostas Research Institute

Srinivas Sridhar, the Director of Nanomedicine Innovation Center and Nanomedicine Academy and Distinguished University Professor of Physics, COS


“I am honored to serve on the Innovation Board and look forward to expanding the University’s innovation and entrepreneurship footprint, especially in the biomedical science and technology fields. Through effective partnerships between academia, government agencies, and industries, we are advancing important scientific and engineering breakthroughs that has the potential to impact patient lives” says Mansoor Amiji.

The composition of these boards represents a salient step forward for the NAI Northeastern Chapter in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship across the innovation ecosystem. We eagerly anticipate the contributions of our esteemed board members in furthering the mission of the NAI Northeastern Chapter.

You can learn more here about the Northeastern’s NAI Chapter. Interested in membership? Fill out the NAI Membership form.

Written by Yash Wadhwa