Applications of Content Delivery and Edge Computation in Diverse Sectors

Jan 31, 2024 | Videos

Dive into the world of Professor Edmund Yeh, a pioneering researcher at Northeastern University. Yeh discusses the intellectual thrill of using mathematics for real-world solutions and the profound connection between information, networking, and societal impact. 

Highlighting his involvement in a transformative NSF project a decade ago, Yeh unveils groundbreaking work in Edge Computing, content delivery algorithms, and computation placement. The video explores real-world applications, emphasizing the role of his innovations in optimizing data and computation for various sectors. 

Aspiring inventors are encouraged with insights into the current era of innovation. The video concludes by acknowledging the crucial support from the Northeastern Center for Research Innovation (CRI), playing a pivotal role in patenting, commercialization efforts, and providing expert guidance. The CRI’s services, including internal funding and the entrepreneur-in-residence program, have been instrumental in bringing Yeh’s transformative research to a broader audience. 

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