Upon receipt of an electronically filed Invention Disclosure Form, CRI will conduct a preliminary assessment of the technology, focusing on the commercial potential and readiness of the invention. CRI will review the technology using information provided in the disclosure, as well as independent market research.
Assessment is based on: (1) stage of technology development, (2) regulatory challenges, (3) size of commercial market and presence of competing products/services, (4) financial drivers, and (5) market trends. The CRI also conducts a cursory patentability review, considering the whole of your portfolio and the state of the art (e.g., Is this merely data to support an earlier disclosure? Is this a crowded technology space?).

The initial review substantially informs the Provisional Decision (Step 4), and the CRI requires a minimum of 4 weeks to complete. NU does not guarantee expedited filings for imminent disclosures if submitted less than 4 weeks in advance.

If there are commercial entities that have contacted you about this technology, or if there are potential partners you are interested in talking to, please contact the CRI regarding a non-disclosure agreement.


The more information you can provide in the disclosure, the better. As the inventor(s), you are in the best position to evaluate the benefits of your technology over what is currently available on the market. If the CRI cannot adequately review the disclosure for commercial potential, someone will reach out to you for additional input.