Protect your Research with Help from Legal Experts: CRI’s New Invention Discovery Program

Jul 19, 2022 | CRI, Spark Fund

Northeastern is proud to be a leading research institution with cutting-edge laboratories and brilliant researchers and innovators. Exciting new concepts for designs, processes, and inventions are ideated across our facilities every day — and it is important to legally protect those ideas with the proper intellectual property laws and processes. 

Suppose you or your laboratory have an exciting idea for a new design, process, or invention. In that case, you’ll want to ensure that you disclose to the CRI prior to publishing in order to maximize intellectual and commercial potential and protect against the risk of your research being appropriated by another.  

It can be complicated to know when you’ve discovered something novel and potentially patentable, especially if you’re new to the process. That’s why the CRI is excited to announce its new Invention Discovery Program.  

This program will provide a platform for you to engage with nationally recognized legal professionals who specialize in your field. These professionals will be available to answer questions about the patentability of your discovery, when and how to disclose to the CRI, as well as the intellectual, professional, and commercial benefits of patenting.   

As part of this new program, the CRI will host quarterly “Discovery Sessions” with the faculty, research staff, and Ph.D. students at Northeastern’s technology-focused research colleges, including Bouvé College of Health Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Science, and Khoury College of Computer Sciences.  

Join Us for the First Discovery Session on August 9  

The first Invention Discovery Session will be held on August 9 from 12:00– 1:30 p.m. for faculty, research staff, and Ph.D. students of Bouvé College of Health Sciences. The session will be held in Room 206 at the Egan Center and is supported by Health Sciences Entrepreneurs 

The inaugural session will be a working sushi lunch where Bouvé researchers will share current projects with Principals of Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds and receive tailored, specialized feedback.    

At the Discovery Session, you can expect to: 

  • Discover and increase the value of your inventions through patenting 
  • Get tailored answers to your intellectual property related questions  
  • Engage with your colleagues, learn about their projects, explore potential collaboration  
  • Gain insights on the process of protecting intellectual property and its importance 
  • Learn more about the full scope of resources available to inventors through the CRI 

Sessions are limited to 25 participants – Register Now 

Stay Tuned – Additional Discovery Sessions Coming Soon